31 Dec 2013, 22:39

Additional Resources
  • goiardi-schema: The SQL schema, managed with sqitch, for goiardi.
  • chef-golang: A golang chef client library.
  • go-chef: A number of chef libs and utilities written in Go.
  • docs.chef.io: The official Chef documentation. The chef client programs are, of course, needed to do much of anything with goiardi.
  • chef-zero: Another in-memory chef server.
  • chef-server: The central repository for the Chef server.
  • omnibus-chef-server: Omnibus installer for erchef.
  • knife-goiardi-event-log: Knife plugin for the goiardi event log.
  • knife-goiardi-reporting: Forked knife plugin for goiardi's reporting facilities.
  • schob: The goiardi shovey client.
  • knife-shove: Knife plugin forked from knife-push for managing shovey jobs.
  • shovey-jobs: chef cookbook for installing and configuring shovey on a node. In-progress.
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