19 Dec 2014, 01:23

goiardi 0.9.0 in prerelease

Work continues in the 1.0.0-dev branch to get RBAC all working with goiardi. It’s coming along, but it’s a pretty big undertaking. I decided to take a break from that to address some issues I wanted to fix sooner than when 1.0.0 is ready.

Goiardi 0.9.0-pre1 is available for testing now. Per the release notes, this release validates IP addresses supplied on the command line or config file, if any, and brings improvements to search. The search indexes get compressed in-memory now to reduce their memory footprint while goiardi’s running, and sorting search results actually works now. This release is getting a minor version bump only because it requires deleting and rebuilding the search index. See the notes for this prerelease for more information.

Depending on how testing of this prerelease goes, a formal release should be coming reasonably soon. Super huge new features being implemented before 1.0.0 isn’t an impossibility, but it’s sort of unlikely.

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