17 Nov 2016, 10:30

goiardi is in Debian sid now

In what I consider to be pretty cool news, due to the efforts of @JordiMallach goiardi is now in Debian sid. One assumes that ultimately it will get into the next version of Debian, unless something goes terribly wrong.

The packages at https://packagecloud.io/ct/goiardi will still be available, of course, if you choose to use them. The packages there will still be automatically built and uploaded when a new release is cut, but they’re built with fpm rather than having the more standard debian build files all nicely specified. The packagecloud packages also build packages for older versions of debian, in addition to the packages for ubuntu and CentOS, so those packages still have a place.

Whatever version’s in the debian repositories should, at least, be assured of being quite stable, so that’s a point in it’s favor. If, however, it starts feeling fossilized, then the packagecloud package stream will be available.

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