26 May 2014, 11:04

Goiardi Version 0.5.1 - Rodan Overhead

The sky darkens. Blotting out the sun, Rodan appears to destroy beloved landmarks and stomp on small models of tanks. Goiardi version 0.5.1 has been released.

This is an incremental release, made up of bug fixes and relatively minor new features. The most interesting new features are event logging and reporting, although the log level changes are also nice.


  • Add log levels (from debug to critical). This makes -V/–verbose useful.
  • Add an easier option in the config file to specify log levels by name.
  • ipv6 already worked, but accidentally. Now it works in a more deliberate fashion, preventing mishaps with addresses, colons, and port numbers.
  • Authentication protocol version 1.1 now supported.
  • Remove a sort on run lists that was there for some reason. I have no idea what it was put there for, but it was wrong.
  • Add an event log to log changes to objects like nodes, clients, etc. See the README or godocs for details.
  • Add support for reporting (http://docs.opscode.com/reporting.html)

This release should not break old save files, if you’re using that. If you’re using MySQL, you’ll need to deploy the sqitch changes.

The next big things to start working on are the long promised Postgres support, and etcd/serf/consul etc. integration. Groupcache has also been asked for and looks like a worthwhile thing to pick up. As always, the issues page is a good place to look at what’s being worked on.

Goiardi is also starting to grow beyond using chef-pedant for most of its testing; it’s about time to start more native golang tests for goiardi and not use chef-pedant for the main tests. It should always work with chef-pedant, of course, but goiardi’s starting to get more features that chef-pedant doesn’t check.