08 Jan 2014, 17:45


The goiardi documentation can now be found at goiardi.readthedocs.org. Although most of the documentation has been moved, the goiardi README may still be of interest. The official Chef documentation is good to read as well, for learning how to use Chef overall. After all, goiardi isn’t especially useful without a chef client and associated programs.

The programs and knife plugins associated with goiardi have documentation as well. The schob README, knife-shove README, shovey-jobs README, knife-goiardi-event-log README, and knife-goiardi-reporting README documents are all available to read to learn more about their specific functions.

Goiardi also has godocs, which is focused on development and providing deeper documentation of its internals. You can browse through goiardi’s godocs online (which may be slightly out of date), or locally with the godoc viewer. You can read an explanation of how to use the godoc viewer.

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