30 Mar 2016, 18:50

goiardi version 0.10.4 - Numbers Station

¡Atencíon! 0, 10, 4.

It’s been a while, but there’s a goiardi 0.10.4 release out. Binaries and packages are at the usual places.

The big thing in this release is adding statsd metrication to goiardi. Otherwise, there’s a bug fix, and exporting pprof info over HTTP. Also, goiardi’s been confirmed to work with go 1.6.

The statsd thing is pretty interesting though, because you can use it to send information about goiardi to graphite (or somesuch), and then visualize that information with grafana (or somesuch, if you don’t appreciate shameless plugs for one’s employer). There’s something on the backburner to make using grafana with goiardi even more interesting; more on that later.


* Export pprof info over HTTP, but only accept connections from localhost for that information.

* Add statsd metrics for things like chef-client run timings (requires reporting) and started/succeeded/failed, number of nodes, API endpoint timings, various pieces of runtime info like GC pauses, RAM used, and number of resources updated & total resources for client runs.

* Fix JSON decoding issue where very large numbers would suddenly turn into floats.

In other news, the languishing 1.0.0-dev branch has been synced back up with master as of 0.10.3 and is slowly coming along again. There is likely to be at least an 0.11.0 release though, with some features I’d like to get in before 1.0.0.