29 Sep 2014, 23:25

goiardi version 0.8.0 (plus shovey) - Hojotoho! Hojotoho!

In honor of the upcoming Chef Summit, there are new releases from goiardi and friends. This officially brings out shovey, the goiardi push jobs facility, to the world.

Because of the relative complexity of shovey, there are actually three releases here:

Astute readers may recognize the releases’ codenames as the opening lines of Act III of Die Walküre.

Shovey’s included with goiardi. Schob is the shovey client that gets installed on the nodes that will run jobs, and knife-shove is a knife plugin forked from knife-push to manage shovey jobs. The goiardi shovey docs, the schob README, and the knife-shove README have a bunch of documentation on how to use shovey.

Nice, functional cookbooks for shovey and goiardi are also coming. There is a shovey-jobs cookbook already, but it only supports Debian. Other platforms are being added, and will be ready soon.

Also coming reasonably soon are organizations and RBAC (it’s finally time), and revamping the documentation. The README has gotten too long and unweildy. It will be split apart, reorganized, and expanded where needed, while the godocs for goiardi will stop being a mirror of the README and focus more on development and internals.

See you at the Summit!

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