27 Dec 2014, 12:11

goiardi version 0.9.0 - Spaceship and Sun

The Spaceship-and-Sun, of course, is the sign of the Galactic Empire, and was once the symbol of order and prosperity from one end of the galaxy to the other. In other news, I re-read the original Foundation trilogy this past week.

This is another interim release while work chugs along on the 1.0.0-dev branch to get goiardi up to speed with Chef 12. That’s coming along, but I decided to address some issues that had been bothering me for a long time before finishing with that, so I’m happy to release goiardi 0.9.0 - Spaceship and Sun.


* Validate IP address supplied on the command line or in the config file.
* Compress index docs to reduce memory usage with the search index.
* Ordering searches works now.
* Index and datastore files now only write to disk if there have been changes
  since the last time they were saved.
* In tandem with the previous change, freeze interval default has been changed
  from 300 seconds to 10 seconds.
* Bump Chef Server version we claim to be from 11.1.3 to 11.1.6.

Normally a release like this would not require a minor version bump, but it does change the format of the index file. Upgrading that is extremely easy, though: before starting the upgraded goiardi up, delete the index file. After goiardi has started, rebuild the index file with knife index rebuild. The new index format uses much less RAM - testing has shown the new index using between a quarter to a third as much RAM as before. Search results are also now ordered in a sensible fashion.

As mentioned in the release notes, if you are upgrading goiardi from source you will need to run go get -u github.com/ctdk/goiardi - the go-trie package has been updated. Goiardi now requires at least go 1.3 to build, and go 1.4 is recommended.

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