15 Jun 2017, 18:28

goiardi version 0.11.5 - Spookay!


This is another release in the ever increasing series of small bugfix releases in the 0.11.x series. The only changes in goiardi 0.11.5 - Spookay! are some fixes for certain somewhat obscure search query cases. Hopefully now I’ll get moving more on the long promised 1.0.0.

From the CHANGELOG, such as it is:

* Several search fixes:
  - With postgres search:
    * Fixed reindexing after it broke with the previous update that eliminated
    a lot of unneeded extra rows in the database.
    * Fixed basic queries with NOT statements.
    * Separately, fixed using NOT with subqueries. On a somewhat complicated
      note, but in a way that appears to match standard Solr behavior, when
      doing a query like "name:chef* AND NOT (admin:true OR admin:bleh)" it
      works as is, but when a negated subquery is followed by another basic
      query statement, it needs to have extra parentheses around the NOT +
      subquery, like "name:chef* AND (NOT (admin:true OR admin:bleh)) AND
      public_key:*". A convoluted and unlikely scenario, but it could happen.
  - With in-memory search:
    * NOT + subqueries was also broken with the in-mem search. The fixes for
      the pg-search partially fixed it for in-mem in that it no longer made the
      server panic, but it was returning incorrect results. Additional work
      ended up being needed for in-mem search.
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