27 Jan 2018, 11:34

goiardi version 0.11.7 - Amfortas

Die Wunde! Die Wunde!

Another bugfix release that took way too long to get done, but various sorts of Real Life™ things kept popping up. The goiardi 0.11.7 - Amfortas release has some pretty serious memory usage improvements, along with some search fixes, more control over logging type information that gets stored, and more.

Packages are up on packagecloud.io and in the homebrew tap, and will be moving into Debian sid and testing shortly. New docker images on Docker Hub (along with some other goodies that have been languishing) should be coming soon as well.


* Allow access to /debug/pprof with a whitelist of IP addresses
* Properly index arrays of hashes, arrays of arrays, etc. in object attributes.
* Pretty serious memory usage improvements with search (both the in-memory
  and postgres searches).
* Fix reconnecting to serf if the connection is somehow interrupted.
* Fix negated range queries (it turns out they *do* have a use after all), and 
  refactor how NOT queries are handled generally.
* Add options to purge old reports and node statuses.
* Add option to skip logging extended object information in the event log.
* A handful of other bugfixes.
* Bump up to using golang 1.9.3 for builds.
* Minor changes to the documentation.

On a frequently said note, I need to get a move on with Chef 12+ support - recent Chef clients no longer work with Chef 11 compatible servers. Eeeek!

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