15 Jun 2018, 10:30

goiardi version 0.11.8 - Coelacanth

It’s been lurking in the ocean for a long time, waiting on both me finding the time to bring it all together, to make the release once it was ready, and then ironing out the transition to using circleci 2.0 to build the packages, but goiardi 0.11.8 - Coelacanth is now available.

There’s not a ton new in this release, but it does bring some depsolver tweaks in that bring goiardi’s depsolver closer to Chef Server’s behavior. The depsolver changes don’t change the actual behavor of cookbook dependency resolution to any great degree, but it’s a bit of an improvement regardless. Along with that, goiardi now purges old sandboxes once they’re done and have been sitting around for a while. This will at least free up a little space.

Packages can be found at the usual places at packagecloud.io and in the homebrew tap, along with the Debian unstable (as of this writing, it should be in testing soon) and Ubuntu universe distro repositories.


* Made some small tweaks and updates to the depsolver to make that a little
  better. NB: Down the road, there may be some further changes to the depsolver,
  especially where 'most constrained' cookbooks are concerned.
* Update the circleci config to use the version 2.0 syntax.
* Add purging old sandboxes that have been hanging around for too long.

This will also be the last release that has support for Debian wheezy – LTS support for wheezy has been dropped, so it seems like a good time to drop it from the goiardi build process. The goiardi SysV init script will be kept available somewhere though in case it’s needed.

Chef 12+ support’s had some progress recently. As has been the case for a long time, the hold up is dealing with all the weird corner cases with RBAC permissions. Once that actually works, very basic Chef 12+ support should fall into place. Unfortunately it’s taken such a long time that there will need to be more time spent getting it back up to speed with more recent developments.

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