15 Oct 2014, 13:17

goiardi version 0.8.1 and schob version 0.1.1 - Hand of Ishtar, Hand of Nergal

In ancient Mesopotamia, diseases were often referred to as being the “hand” of some god. The hand of Nergal was a plague of some kind, while the hand of Ishtar was some kind of STD. Ishtar is generally identified with the Greek Aphrodite and Roman Venus as a goddess of love (although she was by no means identical to Aphrodite and Venus), so the name’s quite appropriate. The word “venereal” ultimately derives from “Venus”, after all.

These are two minor releases. Goiardi version 0.8.1 moves the bulk of the documentation from the README to readthedocs, where it should be much easier to read and work on, fixes a small issue with the postgres SQL dump file, and disables SSLv3. Schob 0.1.1 adds a fix to allow building schob on 32 bit platforms and on Windows, and updates links to the goiardi shovey documentation.

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